NOAA’s Flood?


Simple arithmetic applied to the book of Genesis tells us that Abraham was born 293 years after Noah’s flood.   Archeologists agree that Abraham lived around 2000 BC, give or take 100 years.  That dates the flood at 2293 BC, give or take, based on the Bible.  Some may ask, is there any reliable data about the great flood that does not depend on the Bible?  

How about data from NOAA, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, our climate and weather experts?  On the NOAA website, we learn that scientists drilled deep into Peru’s Huascaran glacier and extracted samples of ice. The deeper they drilled, the older the ice.   By melting each sample and analyzing the water, scientists got a picture of what was in the earth’s atmosphere at the time each sample was frozen into ice.  

A graph was then constructed from the results, giving a record of what was in the earth’s atmosphere, for the past 20,000 years. The left side of the graph starts in 1950 AD and goes backwards in time, BP (Before Present) as you move to the right.

We see something remarkable happened around 2293 BC  (remember that date?)  We see the largest spike of atmospheric dust in over 15,000 years, a global “dust bowl,” which appeared then disappeared as an immediate, cataclysmic event.  But what does that have to do with Noah's flood?  Keep reading…


If, as it says in Genesis 7, all the forests, fields and plants on the planet were deep underwater for a year or more, then when the earth dried out, there would be no vegetation anywhere with roots to hold soil from blowing away in the wind.  One would expect global “dust bowl” conditions of “Biblical proportions.” We know that seeds can survive such conditions, and within a few decades, plant roots would again grip the soil and the dust would subside.

Thanks to the US government for giving scientific data that agrees with what the Bible tells us about Noah’s flood!  You can see the original graph at the NOAA website:

For more on the “how” of the flood, see “The Bible, Genesis and Geology” an excellent book by Gaines Johnson.

For the “why” of the flood, read Passport Please Second Edition by Pete Nielsen. You've never heard the Bible told like this before!