The Second Edition

Ever since 2007 when I pushed the “send” button to publish Passport Please, I’ve kept a personal copy to mark-up with new insights on the story. Sometimes while reading the Bible, I’ve jotted a note and said, “I wish I’d put that in the book.”

Fast forward five years. Those notes have been incorporated into the story. I pushed the “send” button again and Passport Please Second Edition is now available through this website.

A number of new plot elements have been added to the story. Every one is backed up with endnote references from the Bible. Here are just a few…

  • That infamous forbidden fruit tree in the Garden of Eden—what challenge did former General Lucifer throw down before it was planted?
  • Everyone in the world except Noah’s family drowned in the flood, but hundreds of years later, giant descendants of the pre-flood Nephilim were found living in the Promised Land (Numbers 13). How in the world did they get there?
  • Why did Jesus give cryptic responses to the two men (Pilate and Caiaphas) who had the authority to set him free?

These and other new plot elements are all right out of the Bible, with references for each in the back of the book.

Maybe you’re not very religious—no problem—neither is Passport Please. Even though this novel is taken 100% from the Bible, you won’t find any of the following words in this story (except in the endnotes): God, Lord, Satan, demons, angels, commandment, sin, repentance, sacrifice, salvation, redemption, baptism, confession, worship, forgiveness, atonement, sanctification, justification, priest or church.

There is no stained glass in this story. This Second Edition is still a fast-moving, geo-political adventure of countries in conflict.

I hope you enjoy it. If you do, tell someone about it. Thanks!