Invasion of Earth!


Earlier this year, I spoke about Passport Please  to an out-of-state youth group.  The morning of the event, I opened my hotel room door and saw this photo on the front page of USA Today.  It was a story about the US leaflet-dropping campaign in Afghanistan.

It is common practice in warfare to give “fair warning” to the local population about impending attacks in their homeland.  The warning usually includes a clear description of who the enemy is, the reason behind the attacks, and how civilians can avoid danger.

Apparently, the Kingdom of Heaven agrees that the people of earth deserve fair warning before the invasion.  Billions of copies of a “kingdom warning leaflet” —the Bible— have covered the earth in over a thousand languages.  It is by far the most widely distributed, widely translated book on the planet.

The Bible warns readers of a devastating invasion of the earth to be launched by the Kingdom of Heaven (Revelation 6-22).  It identifies clearly who the enemy is (Satan, 1 Peter 5:8), the reason behind the impending attack (Satan has taken control of the earth, 1 John 5:19), and how people can avoid danger (Declare allegiance to Jesus and believe that death is not the end, Romans 10:9).   Of course, not wanting to tip their hand, the leaflet is intentionally vague on exactly when the invasion will be launched (no one knows the day or hour, Matthew 25:13).  Of course, as with any such leaflet, each person will decide for themselves whether or not to take the warning seriously.

With the issuance of a postage stamp in 1952, the US government commemorated the fact that this Kingdom leaflet campaign has been an ongoing operation for over 500 years.    I’d say that’s fair warning.

Read more about Kingdom plans for the earth and it’s people in Passport Please, the big-picture of the Bible.    You have never heard the Bible told like this before.

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