Crossing the Border


The Bible is full of statements that encourage us to view Heaven as if it were another country.  

          Countries have:       the Bible says:

          Citizens                              Our citizenship is in Heaven!                                Philippians 3:20

          Diplomats                          We are Christ’s Ambassadors                              Corinthians 5:20

          Head of State                   You are right that I (Jesus) am a king                   John 18:37

          Armed Forces                  The armies of heaven followed                             Revelation 19:19

          Secure Borders                No one can cross from there to us                       Luke 16:26

          System of Taxation         Bring your full tithe into the storehouse      Malachi 3:10

          Advanced weapons        Our weapons have divine power                          2 Corinthians 4:10

Every country has their own rules about who is allowed in. They publish those rules to help avoid embarrassing situations at the border.   The Kingdom of Heaven is also pretty specific on their entry requirements.  Since Johan Gutenburg produced the first mechanically printed Bibles over five hundred years ago, Kingdom immigration policies have been available globally in printed form, and they are now online.   

Most people say they’d like to go to Heaven when they die, but many are unclear on Heaven's immigration policies.  Specifically, they are fuzzy (but hopeful) on whether or not they will be allowed in. 

Imagine a man from another country stepping off the plane in New York, and coming face-to-face with the passport control officer:

          TRAVELER:       America!  It’s hard to believe I’m really here.  What do I have to do to enter the country?

          OFFICER:           May I see your passport, please?  

          TRAVELER:      Where can I get one of those, officer?

          OFFICER:           Didn’t you look at the immigration handbook?  They are available free in your country, in print and online.

          TRAVELER:      (smiling)   I figured you could just tell me when I got here—and here I am!

          OFFICER:           I see.   (waving for a guard to join them)  This man will escort you to a special waiting area.    NEXT PLEASE! 

The gates of heaven will probably be quite different than passport control at JFK, but based on the Bible, I expect there will be at least a few similarities.   For anyone interested in what the Bible says about getting through passport control into the Kingdom of Heaven, I invite you to read Passport Please, Second Edition.  Nobody wants to find themselves in an embarrassing situation at that border.

– Pete