Passport Please is the cover-to-cover story of the Bible,                   but you've never heard it told like this before.

It’s an epic adventure set against a backdrop of life, death, heaven and hell, and the story is taken 100% from the Bible.

Not familiar with the Bible? No problem.                                           Read Passport Please and you will be.

Passport Please is a relevant, exciting and fascinating retelling of the traditional Bible story… It is one heck of a fun read!
John Debney
Composer of The Passion of the Christ

Passport Please Second Edition contains 60 pages of endnotes showing the solid biblical foundation of the storyline. Not interested in the details? No problem.  Just enjoy the adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Passport Please a true story?

Passport Please is an epic adventure novel based 100% on the Bible, Genesis through Revelation, with no fictional stories woven in. This book does not try to prove that the Bible is true, it simply takes what is actually in the Bible, and tells the story as if it is true.

All the characters in Passport Please are from the Bible.  They speak in 21st century American English, so the things they say in the novel are not direct quotes from the Bible, but they are consistent with what those characters said and did.   So you'll know where the story came from, there are 60 pages of end-notes which demonstrate its solid Biblical, scientific and legal foundations, from cover-to-cover.  

Who is Passport Please written for?

If you or a friend thinks the Bible is a collection of barely related or random stories—then Passport Please is for you.  You'll see how it all flows together as one clear and cohesive story.

Anyone who thinks the Bible is too intimidating, too complex, too thick, too hard to read or comprehend, or just too time consuming, then Passport Please is for them.  At 190 pages, it is an easy way to take in the Bible’s big picture, without being preached at.  

If you've studied the Bible for years, Passport Please will offer a fresh new way to look at the Scriptures.  This novel pulls the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) and the Christian New Testament together in a seamless, non-stop story, from Genesis through Revelation. 

Regardless of your spiritual leanings, Passport Please is an easy-to-read novel which promises to give you a big picture perspective of the Bible in a new and refreshingly modern way.  

What if I don’t believe the Bible is true? …or if I’m not sure?

No problem—you probably don't believe half the things you see in the movies, but you make a decision to enjoy the story, and analyze it later.  Even if you’re a skeptic, suspend your disbelief long enough to enjoy the adventure. This story is not what you expect.    

"But why bother, if I don't believe it's true?" someone might ask.

Here's why—whether you believe the Bible is true or not, it is the most widely distributed, most widely translated, most influential book in human history. Whether you are a believer, a skeptic, a seeker or an observer, there is great personal value in at least being familiar with the “big picture” of the Bible. It's like learning about a different culture—a culture that nearly two billion people claim to be part of.

How is Jesus portrayed in Passport Please?

Jesus is his name on earth. In the Kingdom, he is better known as the Prince of the Royal family. Though the Prince has been to the earth many times since it was created, he now comes as a human to confront Lucifer, the exiled former General of the Kingdom Army. Centuries earlier, Lucifer became ruler of the earth through deception in the Garden of Eden. Jesus exposes Lucifer to the human population as a lying, corrupt warlord. Then, at the cost of his own life, Jesus creates the only way under Kingdom law for humans to escape across the border into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Is Passport Please based on the author’s opinions of the Bible?

By definition, any novel is the author’s rendition of the story being told. The author’s main goal was that Passport Please should not conflict with the words or spirit of the Bible. It is worth noting that since the first edition of the novel was published in 2007, no specific contradictions between the Bible and the novel have been pointed out to the author.  Checking out the endnotes will show exactly where the story came from—even the parts that seem hard to believe!

Who is the author?

Pete Nielsen is an engineer by training and has over 20 years experience in technology and business development. In the mid-1990s, he founded the first commercial Internet Service Provider in Uganda. Pete currently serves as Honorary Consul for the Republic of Uganda and is working on the production of Kingdom Come, the movie adaptation of Passport Please.

For over 30 years, Pete has participated in and led small group Bible studies in his church and in the community.  He lives in Florida with Linda, his childhood sweetheart and wife of 33 years. He is the proud father of three adult sons.

Why is there a Second Edition?

More story elements, more notes, all right from the Bible.  See the blog post entitled “the Second Edition” for more details.

What about the Audiobook?

Except for a few minor changes that sound better when read (as opposed to written), the Passport Please Audiobook is the same great story as in the Print and Kindle Editions.  Grant George, an accomplished Los Angeles voice artist, brought the Passport Please characters to life in a spectacular way.   

Audiobooks do not lend themselves well to endnotes. There are over 350 endnotes in Passport Please, but it is best to refer to the Kindle Edition of Passport Please, which has direct links from the story to the endnotes, or the Print Edition Passport Please, in which the endnotes can be easily looked up from the text.

This story ought to be a movie!

Absolutely! Check out the Movie page of this website for the latest on Kingdom Come, the feature-length adaptation of the novel Passport Please.  

Where can I buy Passport Please Second Edition?

You can order it online from this website. It is also available Amazon, but make sure you select the 2012 version. The First Edition of Passport Please is still available at

Contact us at for autographed copies or multi-copy sets for group study.

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Discussion Groups


In five sessions, a Passport Please discussion group talks through this fast-paced novel, from the creation of the world through the great judgment at the end of time, and beyond.

Passport Please groups have included Bible believers, agnostics and atheists – neighbors and friends.  Whatever they believed or didn't believe, everyone had fun,  everyone learned something, and nobody felt preached at. 

Questions in the Passport Please Discussion Guide help the group cover key points of the novel, in a no-pressure book club format.  

The FREE pdf Discussion Guide is available below, and it is part of the Passport Please for Kindle


You don't need to be a Bible expert!   The free Discussion Guide (below) walks you through it.  If you have the Kindle version of Passport Please, the built-in Discussion Guide  links instantly from each question to the relevant part of the novel. 

Feel free to send the You Tube link from the video below as part of an invitation to the group, if you think it will be helpful. 

If you have any questions on Passport Please Discussion Groups, write to us at 

FREE Group Discussion Guide!

We will immediately e-mail a download link…


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Blog from the Border

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The Movie

Science, Religion, Life, Death, Heaven and Hell

The science-versus-religion debate becomes intensely personal for a provocative university professor, drawn into an invisible war that has been raging across the planet for thousands of years.  

Kingdom armies from above battle with rebel forces below, both fighting for the allegiance of the humans of earth.  

This is the feature-length adaptation of Passport Please, which is scripted and is now in Development. 

You have never seen the Bible told like this before – we promise.  Regardless of what you believe or don't believe, you will be talking about this movie!  

Want to be part of bringing this movie to the world?  Contact us at for further information on how you can participate!

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Reviews & Awards

2011 Tree of Life Foundation
Global Heart Award for Passport Please


"Passport Please is a remarkably engaging novel…                     a grand adventure and one heck of a fun read!"

John Debney, Composer of The Passion of the Christ

“…an enormous number of seemingly unrelated Biblical events, woven into a highly readable adventure.”

Bobb Biehl, Founding Director, Focus on the Family

“I have used Passport Please as a Bible teaching tool. Don't wait for the movie – read it as soon as you can!"

Kevin Mahoney, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach 

“I thoroughly enjoyed Passport Please, especially the end notes."

Dan Plourde, Senior Pastor, Calvary Church, Jupiter, FL 

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